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We look forward to welcoming you as a member of the Chinese American Association of Minnesota (CAAM).

Eligibility and Term of the General CAAM Membership

Eligibility for Membership:

Application for general membership shall be open to any US citizen or permanent resident of United States 18 years or older who is the resident of state of Minnesota that agree and promote CAAM’s Vision and Mission. Membership is granted after completion and receipt of a membership application and completed minimum volunteer service time.

Annual Dues:

In lieu of annual dues, Minimum Volunteer Service Time (MVST) must be completed to be qualified to become a member.  MVST is defined as volunteering hours for CAAM organized or co-organized events for one calendar year.  The MVST shall be 12 hours, unless changed by a majority vote of the board of directors. Continued membership is contingent upon being up-to-date on Minimum Volunteer Service Time for that calendar year.

Membership Period:

Upon completion of MVST, the applicant is eligible to apply for membership during that calendar year.  Once the application is approved, the membership is effective from the date of the approval to Dec 31st of the following calendar year.  The member shall fulfill MVST before the expiration date of the member’s current membership period to qualify to be the member for the following calendar year.  Any lapse of MVST shall result in losing membership.

The above requirements for the CAAM membership is effective from January 1, 2020.

Please complete the below membership application to join!  We encourage you to play an integral part in this association.

CAAM Membership Application Form (Word or PDF)

Submit the filled membership application form (can be downloaded from CAAM website) with the Volunteer Service Certificates issued by CAAM by email (digital copy) or regular mail (hardcopy):



Mail to: CAAM, PO Box 582584, 100 1st St S, Minneapolis, MN 55401

Lifetime Members:

Sping Lin, KaiMay Terry and Mr.Terry, Brian Galligan and Mrs. Galligan, Ping Wang and Mrs. Wang




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