Stone Yu

Stone Yu was passionate about Chinese culture. This passion led him to be actively involved in many activities with CAAM (Chinese American Association of Minnesota), including serving on the Board for a few years. Stone Yu drafted the CAAM Bylaws and then he, as the President of CAAM in 1992, signed it together with the Principal of TCCLS and Director of CDT.

Stone was the only child to Mr. and Mrs. Hsu in Taipei City, Taiwan. He came to the States with his mother and lived in Chicago until he finished his doctorate study. After high school he went to college, the University of Illinois Circle in Chicago (UICC) and received his Bachelor degree in Mathematics at age of 19; two years later he finished his master degree in Mathematics. After he worked at Honeywell for five years, he decided to earn his PhD degree in Computer Science in 1979.

Stone also was passionate in community services. In Junior High School he became a Boy Scout, and received the highest honor-Eagle Scout. After he graduated from college, he was certified as a Scout Leader.

Church was important in his life from early on when he was young. Stone was baptized at the Taipei Covenant Church at age six. In Chicago, he attended a Covenant church regularly, as well as attending a Chinese church from time to time. Praying, reading the Bible and serving in church became part of his life.

Stone Yu, Shen Pei and Ping Wang at 2019 Stanley Chong Scholarship presentation.

After he moved to the Twin Cities, he began to attend Bible studies and fellowships in both churches. In his early young adult life, one day he realized that according to the Bible he needed to invite Jesus Christ into his life. So he did! After that he began to read the entire Bible yearly. Since then he grew steadily closer to the Lord and involved in church activities more diligently than before. Stone had served in the Deacon Board as well as in the Trustee Board faithfully in TCCCC.

Stone was not only obedient to his mother, but also to his Lord Jesus Christ. He trusted the Lord just like a little child. He had many unanswered prayers and hoped that when he becomes more mature in faith, the Lord will give him the answers.

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